Chamois Area Enhanced Enterprise Zone

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Chamois Area Enhanced Enterprise Zone Incentives

Real Ad Valorem Tax Abatement:

Any business enterprise within the approved NAICS codes, located within the approved Chamois Area Enhanced Enterprise Zone and meeting requirements of chapter 135 RSMo. as amended, will receive 100 percent real ad valorem tax abatement on new improvements for the first 10 years. Said qualifying business that pays local wages of 125 percent of the statewide annual average wage, as determined by the Missouri Department of Economic Development, or the first 10 years would be eligible for another five years of 100 percent tax abatement of the said real ad valorem tax for a total of 15 years of 100 percent of real estate property tax abatement of new improvements.

This reduction applies to all ad valorem taxes by all political subdivisions within the City of Chamois, Missouri, and the designated portion of Osage County, Missouri.

Discretionary Tax Credit:

Discretionary EEZ tax credits may be available through the Department of Economic Development. Application for these tax credits must be made prior to the start of project. Tax credits are subject to state appropriation and availability. There is no guarantee of tax credits.