Chapter 9




§ 9-1.      Establishment.
§ 9-2.      Department to adopt rules.
§ 9-3.      Right of entry.
§ 9-4.      Insurance.
§§ 9-5 to 9-10.  Reserved.


§ 9-11.    Appointment to fire department.
§ 9-12.    Removal.
§ 9-13.    Duty of members.
§ 9-14.    Election; when; term.
§§ 9-15 to 9-19.  Reserved.


§ 9-20.    Duties; general.
§ 9-21.    Chain of command.
§ 9-22.    Secretary.
§ 9-23.    Treasurer.
§§ 9-24 to 9-28.  Reserved.

Chapter 9



Sec. 9-1.  Establishment.

      There is hereby established within and for the City of Vienna a fire department, which shall consist of all such able-bodied citizens of said city as may be accepted by the said company into membership by a majority vote.  (§2103.103, 1978 Code; As amended by adopting ordinance dated July 7, 1992)

Sec. 9-2.  Department to adopt rules.

      It shall be the duty of the fire company to pass such bylaws as will ensure good discipline and efficiency in handling the engine, hose and appliances of the company.  But said company shall always be under the control of the board of aldermen and subject to such ordinances as the board may, at any time, pass, and whenever required by the board, the officers of such fire company shall make report of their acts and proceedings to the board of aldermen.  (§2103.107, 1978 Code)

Sec. 9-3.  Right of entry.

      The members of said company are authorized in case of fire, when necessary, to enter any premises, to prevent the spreading of fire or to procure water and may tear down fences, sheds, stables or other structures, when necessary to prevent the spread of such fire, and they shall not be liable for trespassing.  (§2103.111, 1978 Code)

Sec. 9-4.  Insurance.

      The board of aldermen may secure insurance protection on the bona fide members of the fire department of the city in such amount as the board may deem advisable, and shall pay for the same out of the general revenue fund of the city.  (§2103.129, 1978 Code)

Secs. 9-5 to 9-10.  Reserved.


Sec. 9-11.  Appointment to fire department.

      (See Section 9-1)  (§2103.301, 1978 Code)

Sec. 9-12.  Removal.

      Any members may be expelled for misconduct or disobedience by a majority vote of all members present at any meeting, after having been notified of such charge.  (§2103.307, 1978 Code)

Sec. 9-13.  Duty of members.

      It shall be the duty of each member of the company upon an alarm of fire being given to report immediately to the place where such fire extinguishing apparatus is kept and thence to the fire to use their best endeavors to save life and property, to obey all such orders and commands of the chief or other officer in charge, so long as such orders do not violate existing laws or ordinances.  The first officer arriving at the place of assembly shall have command until a senior officer shall arrive, and if no officer arrives the first member who arrives shall have command until such officer shall arrive.  (§2103.311, 1978 Code)

Sec. 9-14.  Election; when; term.

      The officers of the company shall consist of a chief, and a first assistant, a second assistant, a secretary and a treasurer, who shall be elected annually at the first meeting of such fire company in April each year and hold their respective offices for a term of one year and until their successors are elected and qualified.  (§2103.523, 1978 Code)

Secs. 9-15 to 9-19.  Reserved.


Sec. 9-20.  Duties; general.

      It shall be the duty of the chief and his assistants to see that all the property belonging to the fire department be kept and returned to and be, except when in actual use by the department, or company, always in its proper place, and that it is always ready for use, and in good repair, and if repairs are necessary to immediately report such to the board of aldermen.  (§2103.511, 1978 Code; As amended by adopting ordinance dated July 7, 1992)

Sec. 9-21.  Chain of command.

      The chief shall, on all occasions, have the supreme command of the department or company and shall preside at all meetings of the company.  In the absence of the chief, the first assistant, and if they both be absent, the second assistant shall perform the duties of the chief.  (§2103.513, 1978 Code)

Sec. 9-22.  Secretary.

      The secretary of the department or company shall keep the books and records of the department or company in which shall be kept an itemized statement of all the fire extinguishing appliances belonging thereto, and shall also keep a list of the members of the company or department, and make out such reports as may be required by the board of aldermen.  (§2103.529, 1978 Code)

Sec. 9-23.  Treasurer.

      The treasurer shall receive and safely keep all moneys of the company.  (§2103.531, 1978 Code; As amended by adopting ordinance dated July 7, 1992)

Secs. 9-24 to 9-28.  Reserved.