Communication / Data Services
Public Relations Assistance MRPC, through a separate contract, can assist cities and countries with special marketing needs, such as a series of press releases, public service announcements or brochures and pamphlets.
Meramec Fact Book This is a marketing piece that includes statistical and resource information on all cities and counties in the Meramec Region. This document is updated annually and is available at
Meramec Region Website Funded through the Department of Economic Development, MRPC has developed a regional web site highlighting the Meramec Region and providing a multitude of information at the click of a mouse. MRPC will maintain and update the site on a regular basis. The site is located at
Associate Membership Program This is a partnering membership program open to banks, developers, hospitals, real estate agents, engineers and business people in general who have an interest in economic development in our region. Memberships run Mar. 1 through Feb. 28 and renew annually.
Missouri LocationOne Staff gathers and electronically submits information on available buildings and sites in the region.